No Choice but Virtual Communication

Now that most of us will be  working from home, how will we communicate over the next few days, weeks, and months? Are you ready to communicate through virtual chat?  Even though we are all on lockdown and trying to navigate through various day to day activities, try and set aside some time to begin your communication protocol for your career.  You’ve got this!  Here are some questions to ask yourself….

 Whether you are communicating through video chat or teleconferencing, choose the best platform for your industry. There are several options, but each provides quality services for your communication needs. GoToMeeting, Zoom Meeting, CyberLink U Meeting, Lifesize are all highly recommended. Chat with your colleagues for recommendations to see what has worked throughout your company. Once you have chosen a platform, provide consistency with your overall communication. 

If you don’t have a home office, find a location in your home that can be used each day. It should be clutter-free, neutral in color, with a plain background.  A reminder, during the teleconferencing, the primary focus is you and your content, not what’s around you. Use a desk or table that can provide the perfect height for your device. The chair should be comfortable and support your professional posture. Nothing too casual! When you have assembled your work together, your content needs to be presented in an articulate manner. Deliver your message with a clear voice, providing the needed amount of variety in your tone. Design your own agenda for the meeting based on your material. Of course, this might change in the process, but be prepared on your end. When it’s time to speak into the preferred device, make eye-contact at all times, as if you were in-person. Don’t be distracted by your familiar surroundings, keep on task with a positive demeanor, posture, and facial expressions. Your face will be augmented in this situation for it’s never really that close in person.  Make sure you are prepared for that.  If you are not likely to use Facetime with friends and family, try it out a few times for practice. When it’s time for that call, look down at what you’re wearing.  If your Lululemons are still being worn from the morning workout, you need to change. Be professional, set the tone with your complete communications package – location, device, platform, voice, body, attire, and preparation. Once you’ve completed the first day, you have a template for the remaining days to come.

I look forward to hearing about your virtual experiences!

Vincent Metallo, AUDUN COACHING

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